‘Proving there is no one right way to be a woman’

– Dazed

Typical Girls is an alternative magazine, standing as a platform for a collection of women to share their stories and art. The magazine proves there is no such thing as a ‘typical girl’, there isn’t one right way to be a girl, but to decide you are. The zine is a mix of art, photography, interviews, thought pieces and creative writing, collected and sourced from our contributors. Typical Girls is founded upon the premise of celebration, we seek to create a publication that is wholly positive and inspiring.

When we create a Typical Girls magazine we are creating something timeless. Something you can pick up 2 years from now and read again, something you can share with friends, stories you can take to your next dinner party or girls night, confidence and inspiration that is based on being nothing but yourself. Here, a space has been established not only for women to communicate their individual stories, but for others to interact with them.

The magazine stands as a physical output, bound with great care, as a work of art in its own right to be treasured by both its contributors and readers. Here is a true expression of what women can achieve if they work together.