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Earth takes inspiration from the four elements – earth, air, fire and water. After a tsunami hit Sri Lanka in 2004 many locals developed a deep-rooted fear of the ocean. We speak to Sea Sisters who, through surfing, help women to reclaim the ocean as a safe space and reconnect to their environment. To gain an insight into the complexities of renewable power, we interview a sharp all-female collective working in the thriving wind energy sector in Denmark. Closer to home in the UK, we catch up with an inspirational businesswoman who, with her partner, founded a candle business after a traumatic event forced them choose positivity and light as the way forward in more ways than one. We speak with another ingenious business owner who, after being born and raised in the UK, decided to up-sticks and build her own sustainable home, vegan restaurant and detox ministry in the Jamaican countryside.

We also meet extraordinary creative souls passionate about storytelling, their craft and community, including; our cover star Asa Mohammed who uses dance as a force for positive change, Skinny Pelembe, visionary musician and Jaguar Worldwide, international DJ and dance music taste-maker.

‘’With the rise of global enterprise, resurgence of environmentalism and an exponential mass of voices interacting online – we are entering the next decade with a hunger for change. We felt compelled to explore these subjects in Earth because climate justice is fast becoming one of the biggest causes of our generation. Without undermining the evident environmental challenges ahead, we hope to offer an alternative perspective, a more encouraging and personal account of things happening around the world. We don’t have all the answers and so seek to welcome new ways of thinking about how we live, what we consume and how we form communities.’’ – Celiya Koster, Editor


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The Earth Issue


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