The ‘Typical’ Issue

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The team behind TG present The Typical Issue. For the first time, the platform includes contributors irrespective of their gender. TG still greatly believe in the need for magazines that are by and for women. Yet, it became increasingly apparent that there is also a pressing need to bring others into the conversation. Contemporary feminism is a movement which should look to the intersections of issues of race, sexuality, class, and gender in our society. It should acknowledge how these issues relate. Feminism, in seeking to dismantle our gendered and patriarchal society, is a movement which serves all genders.

“By inviting people, irrespective of their gender, into the conversation our hope is that we can create a space of dialogue, of thought. A space which does not seek to undermine or stereotype people based on their gender. A space which celebrates the individual. The outcome is an exploration of identity. How our identity is shaped and the part we play as individuals in shaping the culture around us. With Typical we indicate towards the future of culture in our society; a culture which we hope will be more equal in not only its representation of peoples but in its inherent support of them.” – Jamila Prowse, Founding Editor-in-Chief of Typical Girls.

Photography: Tarona Leonora

Style: Savannah Sinhal

Model: Dominick Tavares


The ‘Typical’ Issue



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