Come to our Launch!

The Typical Issue is a celebration of the individual. We’re launching on 12th May at @lighthouse_brighton as part of the Last Dance: Re-Imagined Futures programme.

Tickets are free but limited, grab yours here.


5-6pm: The Rise of Radio
Technological advancements, and the increase in online radio stations, mean that live broadcasting is now accessible to a wider network of radio presenters and DJs. We will be joined by leading presenters, forming the next generation of radio, for a panel discussion on what the next phase of radio will look like.

6-9pm: Typical Girls Issue Four Launch
Typical Girls is an independent print magazine, run by a small team of Women of Colour, which launched in 2015. For their fourth edition, Typical Girls present The Typical Issue – which seeks to explore how gender intersects with issues of race, class and sexuality in contemporary society. Join Typical Girls for the launch of The Typical Issue, with talks, DJs and a gallery of featured work.




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