Body and Vibes


Art, Music, Typical Girls: Exploring the authentic female body curated by vibes

BODY & VIBES celebrates the female body, exploring how women present themselves honestly, authentically and by their own terms, all interpreted through art, music and the written word.

BODY & VIBES will be launching Vol. 2 of rising independent magazine Typical Girls, with an accompanying art exhibition from emerging artists across the UK and new wave DJs on til late. Aiming to bring together rising artists, writers, collectives and more, BODY & VIBES will be a unique experience of female diversity, positive vibes and culturally charged artistic expression.

Featured pieces within the art exhibition include provocative portraits from award-winning photographer Jessie Edwards-Thomas, poetry displays from self-published poet & writer Abondance, nude portraiture from fashion photographer Michael Barry and film photography series ‘Shell Casing’ exploring issues of victim shaming from Grace Jackson Photography.

VIBES Resident DJs Baloo and Kareem will be supplying an eclectic mix of alternative R&B, new wave hip-hop, synth-soaked house, 80’s funk and boogie.

VIBES is a new collaboration of creative thinkers combining music & artistic expression to bring together a diverse mix of people across London. BODY & VIBES is our first creation, brought about through the collective efforts of CCI Collective, QM Visual Arts Collective and Typical Girls.

Proceeds will be donated to Heart n Soul foundation, a charity devoted to bringing artistic expression to people with learning disabilities.



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